New York / Albany, N.Y. - The state Board of Elections says it won't comment on a claim by a lawyer who says the state violated the law by making the changes to the wording of New York's casino referendum in secret.

Brooklyn Attorney Eric Snyder says that a transcript of a July meeting of the Board of Elections doesn't show a required vote to alter the referendum's language to mention promises of jobs, tax breaks and school aid. "The language which came out of the legislature and the Attorney General’s office was simply ‘to amend the constitution to allow for commercial gambling as regulated by the state,’ but, what was ultimately approved by the board of elections contained very different language."

Critics say that the wording creates a proposal that's too rosy.

As part of a lawsuit against the changes, Snyder says he obtained the transcript showing they were instead made by telephone.

The state Open Meetings Law prohibits votes by telephone.