Rochester N.Y.-The Rochester Board of Education has voted to ask the state for a six-month extension to its deadline for fixing the dismal academic performance of students at East High School. 

The school board revealed a 14-page letter of intent from The University of Rochester offering to work with the board and the community to develop a serious plan for taking over operation of East High as a so-called EPO. Rochester School Board President Van White says the six months is needed to work with the U of R on developing that option

School board members aren't confident they'll get the six months they're asking from the state. They requested a three-month extension earlier, and were granted two weeks.


The board still has two other options on the table, although members are also doubtful about getting either of them ready in time for fall. One is the plan Superintendent Bolgen Vargas laid out at last night's special meeting: to reorganize East into a new technical school with a completely new curriculum. The other is the private management plan from the Albany firm School Turnaround, which has offered to manage the school as well.