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LOL: Mom Flips Out Over Hearing Her Daughter Blast Nicki Minaj!

Yeah, some girl played Nicki Minaj for her Mom to hear, and the Mom literally flips out over hearing it!
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Check Out This Cool 1-D And Biebs Mashup!

A band called The Weekend Riot mashed up two hits from One Direction and The Biebs, and it's awesome!
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Oh Man! This Girl Falls Down The Stairs And It's Hard To Not Laugh!

Just watch how she falls down the stairs - I can't help myself this is so funny!
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Yeah, You Can Get Paid To Cuddle With Pandas!

This video is going viral just because of how cute it is, I'd love to get paid to do this all day!
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This Baby Cannot Contain His Excitement When Playing With A Puppy

How great is this? A pug puppy plays with a baby, and the baby cannot control his excitement!
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Oh Man! Girl's Magic Trick Goes WRONG!

Yeah, this is why you don't play with fire in any case at all. Thankfully she's okay
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LOL: Drunk Dude Stops Robbery And Gives The Most Hilarious Interview Ever

OMG. The newscasters can't even help themselves on this one!
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Watch This Little Boy Cry Over How Cute His New Puppy Is

This is literally so great - Watch this little boy cry over how cute his new puppy is!
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Mom Totally Beasts This Drum Solo

Check her out!
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LOL: This Dude Shows Us How To BUFFET!

This is going viral right now, watch how this dude demonstrates to us a life hack on how to buffet.
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