1- It's the all video/picture version of my blog today.  We lead off with the just released trailer for Hangover 3:

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2 - The Hunger Games sequel "Catching Fire" has released its first promo pics.. they're kinda cool because they're styled like portraits.. check 'em out:

3- Speaking of highly anticipated sequels.. here are a couple of shots from the set of Anchorman 2 which just started filming:

3- Check out this awkwardly amazing interview gone wrong from ESPN yesterday between Skip Bayless and The Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman.  Sherman pretty much just rips him a new one:

4- Boy Meets World is coming back to television in the near future and Danielle Fishel has come out of hiding.  She played Topanga.  Now she's all grown up.  She just did a shoot for Maxim.  Check out one of the pics: