The Rochester Walk to Cure Arthritis is the premier signature event for the Arthritis Foundation. Held every May in conjunction with National Arthritis Month, the Walk is an event where thousands of people come together to walk and raise money to help fight arthritis in 136 cities around the country. However, it is more than just a 5K walk. It is a fun filled event with music and special activities for children.  The Walk to Cure Arthritis brings the community together to raise awareness and helps fund much needed programs and services for those who suffer from this painful disease.


 CLICK HERE to listen to my interviews with Hannah & Catie.  They joined me in studio yesterday :)

This year's honorees:

My name is Hannah Marie DeBellis and I am now 10 years old.  I was only 3 years old when we found out that I have Juvenile Arthritis.  After many x-rays of my knees, hands, elbows, hips and ankles (which were very large and swollen and very very hot) and a lot of blood work there it was, ARTHRITIS – I was given medicine to help with the pain and the fluid building up around my joints and hopefully make the swelling go away! It didn’t happen right away, but we found 3 medicines that work very well for me.  

I am now pain free and I can sit “criss-cross applesauce” for the first time ever and you can finally see my knee caps.  I have a really big loving family and a lot of friends that help keep me loved and very happy!  Dancing and swimming really help me stay active and helps with my yucky Arthritis.  I want to make sure that no other kid ever has to go through what I am going through, we need to find a cure!


Hi, I’m Catie Kocian. I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at age seven during a routine eye exam. I’m now a high school senior; I enjoy being in school performances, participating in community and school activities, and am excited about entering college in the fall. My arthritis is managed with medications and that’s the part of the disease that is most difficult for me. 

But having arthritis has also given me great opportunities to meet new people, and going to Double H Ranch, a camp for kids with chronic or life-threatening illnesses, was one of the best. There I realized that like me, most of the other campers didn’t let their diseases rule their lives. Even though we rarely talked about our illnesses, we all shared a unique perspective about being sick and being different. It was at camp that I began to face my fear of medicine, gained an appreciation of life, and