A Transgender Character Is Heading To The Marvel Universe

Marvel is expanding their horizons with a transgender character.

During a Q&A with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige on Saturday (December 28), the industry head honcho was asked by a student if the company has any plans to add more LGBTQ characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, "specifically the T, trans characters. "Yes, absolutely yes," he told the student, alongside the New York Film Academy's Director of Industry Lecture Series, Tova Laiter. "Very soon. In a movie we're shooting right now."

On the topic of diversity and inclusion, Feige also said that two of Marvels projects expected to be released in 2020 were directed by women. "We have three other shows we've announced, we haven't announced the players yet, but spoiler alert -- two out of three of them are women," he explained. "It makes for better stories. I say, when you are sitting at a table and everyone looks like you, you're in trouble. You aren't going to get the best story out of that."

Photo: Getty Images