Ignorant People (Sigh)

Lost of fast food and fast casual restaurants have begun offering curbside pickup.  This is, you order ahead of time, and then come to the store and park in a certain spot, where they will run your food out to you once they see you.  It's brilliant.  Except for when people are ignorant.

Cue my Dunkin' Donuts on Monroe Avenue.  Now, I'm a HUGE Dunkin' Donuts fan.  I probably stop at this particular DD 3 to 4 times per week.  I am a frequent user of their order ahead technology made possible by the DD app.  It used to be that I would order ahead and then walk in to the store and grab my stuff.  Lovely!  Now, DD is offering where you can do curbside pickup.  Ever more lovely!!

Except that the general public isn't smart enough to handle it quite yet.  Here is a photo from my DD yesterday.  Despite the spots being CLEARLY labeled for curbside pickup, the folks in this black car used the spot as a regular spot and went in to the store.

We can cure wait times with things like ordering ahead and curbside pickup.  But if we can ever cure ignorance.. we'll be filthy rich.



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