Pauly's Hometown Councilman Indicted - Sex Charges

Conneaut, OH City Councilman Phil Garcia has been indicted on 26 sex charges, you can CLICK HERE for the full story courtesy of The Star Beacon.

OPINION - Here's the crazy thing, that does NOT come as a shock to me.  No, I don't have ANY experience or eye witness accounts of Phil committing any crimes, but here's the crazy thing.  These rumors have swirled for YEARS.  I actually recall being in high school and hearing rumors about Phil being someone who was "creepy" and someone you "didn't want to be alone with".  But he was Phil GARCIA, as in the son of a very prominent local man.  I have to tell you, NEVER did I actually think there was any truth to it or never did I think we'd see a day when charges would be brought.  But, it turns out, there's a good chance that some of the allegations were true.

Here's my question now - why did those rumors exist 20 years ago?  Has Phil been up to no good for decades?  I never knew the source of the rumors.  I'm wondering if we'll learn that if this indictment is ever unsealed?  It will be interesting to find out....



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