E-mail Translated

This is awesome, apparently it came up in some Facebook chat and it absolutely nails each and every one of these common e-mail phrases:

  • “I see your point” - You can express your opinions but I give zero sh*ts.
  • “As stated below” – You need to read the entire email chain, not just the top two lines, because your dumb question has already been answered.
  • “Kind Regards” - F*** You
  • “Moving Forward” – Stop wasting my time just let it go already.
  • “Per my last email” – You better re-read the whole thing again so you won’t ask me stupid questions.
  • “Thanks in advance” – I’m already thanking you for doing me this favor though you haven’t agreed to it yet. Therefore, you must do it.
  • “Sorry for being unclear” - No I wasn’t. Obviously you didn’t really read what I wrote. You need to pay more attention.
  • “Just checking in” – I’m going to keep sending you emails about this until you respond.


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