WATCH: There's Now a Pizza Vending Machine

My prayers have been answered. The Ohio State University (they're very particular that you have to put "the" in the name) just came out with a pizza vending machine. They're calling it a pizza atm, but unless pizza has become a form of currency (which I'm all for, tbh) then it's really a vending machine. 

Abby Hertzfeld who helps run the dining scene at school said that they're "always looking for innovative and new ways to provide services to our students here at Ohio State." 

So then we get to see a demo of this amazing machine. Right now, the options seem to be just cheese and pepperoni, so they do kinda need to up their game. From start-to-finish, the whole process takes 3 minutes. 

So the next time you're at Ohio State, make sure you check this out and let me know how it is! 



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