Cardi B and Steve Carell Are In A Super Bowl Commercial Together

Okurrrr! Since the Birds aren't going to be in the Super Bowl, I'll be watching the game mostly for the commercials. One of the ads I'm most excited to see is from Pepsi and it seems to co-star Cardi B and Steve Carell from "The Office." 

Pepsi just released a teaser of what we have to look forward to during Super Bowl Sunday. Cardi's teaser is just 6 seconds long and it's her tapping a Pepsi can and smiling. Steve's teaser is a little bit longer at 27 seconds. He's reading the script for the commercial (but not out loud) and starts laughing. He ends it by saying, "ahh, we'll see." 

Whatever the commercial ends up being, it looks like it's going to be good! Cardi and Steve aren't the only ones in the ad, Lil Jon will also be making an appearance. 

Are you excited about this? 



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