Disney Showing Off Every Show & Movie Coming To New Streaming Service

The teases are everywhere, and everyone's been talking about the House of Mouse. Disney's highly-anticipated streaming service, called "Disney Plus" is about to drop in November and many people are wondering "what's going to be offered on the streaming platform?" especially for the binge-watchers. New series? Old series? Classic Disney movies? Marvel movies?

Don't worry, because Disney tweeted out their entire library (almost). From classic TV series back in the Disney channel days, to original new programming, to educational docu-series with National Geographic, and even classic Disney movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there's PLENTY.

I'm a science nerd, so I'm excited for the National Geographic documentaries, but also ALthe Disney movies!!!

Want to see the running thread of the offerings? It's below, but I will warn you it's a LONG thread and it's not done yet.

Disney Plus is available now for pre-order and will begin streaming on November 12.

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