Sisanie’s Husband Surprises Her With Sweet Date Night


Aww! Sisanie’s husband Michael surprised her during the show on Thursday, October 17, by sending her a seriously romantic text out of the blue. 

Michael, who is in her phone as “Babe ❤️”, texted her: “Hey, Tomorrow you me date night. Don’t make plans.”

“I don’t think he’s ever sent me a text like that,” Sisanie said on-air after Ryan saw her face light up. 

The new mom of twins Aiza and Maxon explained that they have had their hands full since becoming parents to their now 5-month-old bundles of joy. 

“We don’t even have to say it, we are burning the candle at both ends right now and you can just tell it,” she revealed, adding that they haven’t even been able to grasp planning a vacation in the near future. The text from Michael, however, warmed Sisanie’s heart. 

“I think it’s so important to have date nights, especially after kids,” she shared. “And guys who are listening right now, take note!”

Watch back the sweet on-air moment above.

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Ryan Seacrest

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