Nokki Cabrera Giving Us That "Trap Salsa" Sound!

Latin artist Nokki Cabrera is heating up the summer with her debut project, Trap Salsa. The six-track project just recently dropped and is full of "love, optimism, and never taking anything for granted." Cabrera gives it her all in the latest effort, and showcases that she’s a superstar in the making.

Nokki Cabrera is a Florida native with rich Cuban roots and it definitely shows in her music. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she’s making a name for herself and beginning to make waves in the music industry.

Her latest project Trap Salsa blends her singing in Spanish and in English mixed with heavy trap bass tones that are incorporated into each beat. The sound of the project can truly be described as ‘trap salsa’ as she mixes, blends, and melds parts of Salsa and Trap into unison -- making for a sonically pleasing project that’s compelling and has layers to it. The project is "traditional salsa with a heavily influenced American Trap base," which Nokki describes as perfectly her. She says that since she is "Cuban American, Trap resembles [her] American side, while Salsa resembles [her] Cuban side.”

The project is a work of art and features upbeat rhythms and steel drums that create a cheerful melody and sound and vibe, recreated throughout the entire project. Nokki Cabrera takes you on an adventure of "living your life to the fullest, seeing the beauty in things," and just being in a state of love. Nokki's project brings joy and harmony as every storyline, drum, and strum of the guitar brings you closer to euphoria. Combined with the catchy rhythms and contagious melodies, Trap Salsa has something for everyone. 

By just listening to the leading single "Trap Salsa," which sets the tone for the project, audiences automatically know they’re in for an experience. The six-track EP is sure to make fans swoon, but with other singles like "La Vida," "Beso," and "Que Te Amo," Nokki shows that she's versatile and has lots of tricks up her sleeve. Trap Salsa shows that she has mastered mixing soulful melodies, Salsa flair, and Trap beats -- putting her in a lane of her own. 

Be sure to follow Nokki Cabrera via social media @nokkicabrera on Instagram and Tiktok @NokkiOfficial. 

In the meantime, scope out Nokki Cabrera's latest project, Trap Salsa, on all platforms!

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